Cleaning oil out of turbopump V-550?

Our turbopump recently stopped working. Whenever it is turned on, at pressures that worked in the past, it makes the normal starting "jet sound", but then displays a "too high load" error message. We opened its outlet and oil started pouring out. We would like to try to clean it ourselves. I have seen others clean out oil from turbos by dipping them upside down in IPA, but I am worried our outlet may be too close to the motor. I also hear it said this may only work on certain types of bearings, but am not sure which the V-550 has.

Has anyone ever cleaned a Turbo V-550 here before?

  • Flushing the pump with Isopropyl Alcohol can remove oil from the inside of the pump. You may never get all of the oil out of the pump.

    High pressure N2 or compressed air purge for an extended period of time can help. 

    The ultimate test will be after you remove as much oil as possible.

    Does the pump operate normally, and is your chamber base pressure good enough to run your experiments?

    Be aware that any oil left in the pump can migrate back into your chamber and cause additional contamination.

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