Turbo-V 3K-T


 I am inquiring about a Turbo-V 3K-T High Vacuum Turbo Pump which unfortunately failed due to a bearing problem. I would like to receive information and advice on the following issues:

 1. Is a repair kit available for the Turbo-V 3K-T pump? I would like to know if it is possible to purchase a bearing replacement kit and, if so, where it can be purchased.

 2. Is there a manual for disassembling and assembling the Turbo-V 3K-T pump?. I wanted to get detailed information about the procedure for disassembling and assembling this pump in order to properly replace the bearing. If such a manual exists, please provide it electronically or a specified source where I can access it.

 3. Are special wrenches or tools required to disassemble the pump? If special tools or wrenches are required to perform the procedure for disassembling and replacing the bearing, please specify the required tools.

 If you have additional information that may be useful in this context, please be kind enough to provide it, it will help us solve the problem.

 Best wishes,

 [Zhenis Kulan]

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