Hello World, I have a TPS-Compact ran manifold system that had a glass item implode inside the manifold, what method of cleaning this system and pump may be required or what do other technicians/lab users typically do?

Question is pretty much as stated above.

The hosing and overall environment doesn't offer easy access or disassembly to the internals of the line.

Also does the TPS-Compact have a filter or will that need disassembly and recertification as well?

Typically in the past they just close the system off from the pump and blast the valves outward away from the pump and clean the internal areas as best as we can repeating until a time we feel it is safe. We then begin testing against a dummy item that wouldn't be a loss if ruined. But have been seeing that the cost of using our ARGON is pretty high for this effort to be only subpar in it's effectiveness, needing to be repeated a fair amount to consider it clean enough to use.

(Noting: I am beginning to install a Nitrogen line to quickly swap to a more cost effective solution. But I would still like to know if anyone has a recommendation for this issue outside of the current method my company has been using since before I arrived here.)


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