TPS Compact pump show fail message with error code 128: TOO HIHGT LOAD and prevents the turbo pump from turning on.

Hi. The pump made loud noises for several days. After that, the pump stopped working normally. Near 600 rpm the pump stops and A-PLUS Software was showing fail status (205) with error code 206 (bit 128) - too hight load.
We use Agilent pump - TPS compact (model 9698227) made in 2011. I have additionally attached a Debug Event List File.diagnostic.xls 
I have a few questions:
1) What can this error be related to?
2) How to fix it?
3) If it is a mechanical breakdown that requires replacing a spare part, are there Agilent service centers in Ukraine to do it? Or advise companies that could do it?
4) Is there additional software for pump diagnostics (besides A-PLUS Software)?
Thank you very much for your answers and advice.

  • “Too High Load” means the controller is requiring too much current attempting to bring the turbo up to full speed.

     This could be caused by:

    • Too high a gas load at the pump inlet
    • A leak in the foreline or vacuum chamber
    • A mechanical failure of the rotor and/or bearing

    Have you leak checked your system to eliminate a leak as the root cause?

    Can you hear the pump starting?

    You can use a screwdriver or wrench like a stethoscope to listen to the pump rotor (one end at your ear one to the pump casing).

    If you hear no noise at all, you should drop the pump and check to see if the rotor spins freely by hand (carefully  - wearing gloves).

    If the rotor doesn’t free spin (or visibly damaged) it is a mechanical failure of the pump.

  • You can contact the Agilent Vacuum Customer Care center in Italy by email at

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