MS 40 Pump Oil Leakage issue

Hello Team. I am facing issue in MS 40 Pump connected with ICPMS, Oil Leak after 2 -3 months & it is happing for almost all system. i replaced the Pump two time & same issue reported.

any suggestions & can we do some PM Or Seal replacement in Feild to avoid such leakage.  

  • For your MS40+ Oil Leak:


    1. The most likely seals to leak and what is the leak-checking protocol?
      1. The most likely gaskets to leak are the external gaskets/seals:
    • Items 17, 35, 37, 38 or 39 
    • These are included in the MS40+ Maintenance Kit – 9499203
      • A good way to find a leak is to clean the pump outer surface with IPA and place dry rags under the pump
      • Oil will show up at the point of leak, or on the rags below that leak point
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