Won't start without a "Mating Connector"

I use RS232 to control the pump. The mating connector is not present,

The manual says short pins 4 and 5 and pins 8 and 9 of the IO port.

This results in ramp-up and fail.

What is the correct wiring for the IO port to allow serial control?

  • RS232 communication is through the serial port.

    The communication format and protocol is included in the user manual beginning on page 87.

    The jumpers to start the pump are exactly like you have:

    If it has a failure once started, there is a problem with the pump. The error codes are listed on page 94 of the manual.

    With the Agilent A-Plus software connected through the serial port you can read the error codes on a PC. 

    Agilent A-PLUS Software is a communication, control, and monitoring software for vacuum pumps. With A-PLUS, you can drive and control the pump by connecting to a PC through RS-232 or RS-485 serial communications.

    Data logging, chart representation, and network configuration features are included in the A-PLUS software, helping you set up your vacuum devices efficiently and letting you check your vacuum system status at any time.

    Here’s the Agilent A-Plus direct download link:

     Agilent also sells an RS232 Serial cable, with serial connectors at each end.

     Unfortunately, most newer computers don’t have serial d-sub connectors.  

     If your using a Serial to USB cable, USB-Serial driver link:

    Drivers for FTDI Chipset USB-SERIAL Adapters For A-Plus (Windows)

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