TPS-Compact doesn't reach speed and pressure display shows 00

My TPS-Compact is lingering in the "ramp" state (status LED is blinking with 400 ms period) and reaching only 3e-5 Torr. The front Pressure Display Module shows "00" and I don't know what that means (no mention of this in the manual). This morning before venting, the pressure in my connected small chamber was 4e-8 Torr (system working correctly). I can't totally rule out a small leak in my vacuum system, but I'm concerned there may be an issue with the turbo pump - maybe the controller? I don't have any sort of read-out connected to the pump, so I don't know the final relative speed of the turbo blades. Has anyone seen the Pressure Display Module show "00" and know what that means?

  • Hi Aly, I am having a similar problem (status LED blinking with 400 ms period). Unfortunately, my display does not work, so I am not sure which error code it is showing. I was wondering whether you were able to resolve your issue. Thanks!

  • I'm honestly not sure why my system recovered. After encountering this fault wherein the turbo was perpetually in a "ramping" status, I tried venting, checking for leaks, and pumping back down several times without recovery or solution to the issue. I then left the system off with vents closed and the chamber/pump under modest vacuum (~3e-5 Torr) for a few days, then came back and turned the pumps back on and the problem was gone. The turbo status quickly indicated "pump is normally rotating". Not sure what cause the issue, but it hasn't cropped up again since.

  • Thank you very much for your quick reply! I am currently trying to talk to the pump via RS232 to find out the error code, but no luck. We will try the same, keeping the system off for awhile, since we are quite confident there is no leak.

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