Communication issue with Turbo V70 controller

We fail to properly communicate with the turbo V70 controller, model 969-9507, using RS232.

The communication is ok for all commands that do not answer with more than two bytes, like start and stop.

However, commands supposed to answer with more than two bytes, like parameters reading commands "E" and "G", apparently do not send any answer.

We have been using different computer to test this, but the problem is the same for all.

Thanks for helping.

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  • We tried communications using the wiring for the RS232 pins as shown in page 74 of the technical doc: no change. Using a terminal we only get answers for 2 bytes responses, and the pump is not recognized using Agilent A-plus software (latest version).

    If the Agilent software expects more than two bytes answers, then this seems coherent with our problem.

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