Part number of IPCMini X3602-64011 changed to "X3602-69011" for refurbished version. Agilent website and Aplus do not know this part

We have 16 IPCMinis of type X3602-64011.
230 V Fischer high voltage, pos., Ethernet.
Recently we received a refurbished version part number "X3602-69011"
The Agilent website says: No results found for “X3602-69011”.
And the Aplus software (recent 2.02) does not recognize it.
Thus the replacement type “X3602-69011” cannot be operated like the original type "X3602-69011".
Why is this so?

  • Actually, the last sentences above should read:

    Thus the replacement type “X3602-69011” cannot be operated like the original type "X3602-64011".

  • Hello Alexander, 

    When you try and connect A-PLUS to the IPC-Mini with part number X3602-69011, are you able to see anything such as 'Unknown Pump'?

    X3602-64011 is the part number for a new controller and when one is exchanged, the 64xxx changes to 69xxx.

  • Hello seobrien,

    good evening. The answer of the pump is in the log file below:

    *** Turbo Varian Global Windows Log File - 20/05/2021 14.21.18
    *** Application: Unknown Pump
    *** P/N: X3602-69011 S/N: IT2051C365

    WIN Number    Description    Value
    001    Low Speed    ERROR
    008    Remote Serial Operation    000002
    100    Soft Start    ERROR
    106    Cooling    ERROR
    107    Active Stop    ERROR
    110    Interlock Type    ERROR
    143    External Fan Config    ERROR
    144    External Fan Setting    ERROR
    109    Pump Life Reset    ERROR
    300    Cycle Time    ERROR
    301    Cycle Number    000029
    302    Pump Life    ERROR
    360    Cycle Number    ERROR
    361    Pump Life    ERROR
    362    Average Pump Temperature    ERROR
    363    Average Current    ERROR
    364    Average Power    ERROR
    365    Average Frequency    ERROR
    319    Controller PN    X3602-69011
    320    Pump PN    ERROR
    321    Pump Special Model    ERROR
    322    Pump S N    ERROR
    323    Controller S N    IT2051C365
    400    Program Listing CRC    803C94A8
    402    Parameter Listing CRC    ERROR
    404    Parameter Listing Struct.    ERROR
    406    Program Listing Code    X3602-10016A
    407    Parameter Listing    X3602-10000A
    200    Current    ERROR
    201    Voltage    ERROR
    202    Power    ERROR
    203    Driving frequency    ERROR
    204    Pump Temperature    ERROR
    211    Controller Temperature    ERROR
    111    Analog Output Type    ERROR
    108    Baud Rate    000004
    503    RS485 Address    000000
    504    Serial Type    0
    101    Setpoint Type    ERROR
    102    Setpoint Value    ERROR
    103    Setpoint Delay    ERROR
    104    Signal Activation Type    ERROR
    105    Setpoint Hysteresis    ERROR
    117    Low Speed Adjust    ERROR
    120    Target Frequency    ERROR
    121    Maximum frequency    ERROR
    000    Start Stop    1
    205    Pump Status    000005
    206    Error Code    000000
    122    Vent Valve Command    ERROR
    125    Vent Valve Mode    ERROR
    126    Vent Valve Opening Delay    ERROR

  • Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for sharing the log file. I will look into this and see what we can do and then update you.

    Best regards,


  • I can give you a hint. In the installation directory of Aplus:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\APlus

    there is a file called


    There you can find the entries for IPCMini.

    It goes from

    "ID" : "179", "PN" : "X3602-64000"


    "ID" : "194", "PN" : "X3602-64033"

    There are no entries for X3602-69011.

    Best wishes,

    Alexander Schnase

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