TPS-mini RS-232 Communication and Motor Power

I was working on using the serial data to update a program on my computer that records the pressure on the pump within a testing setup. However, i noticed this note on the user manual that is of great concern :

"3. These commands remove the pump motor supply for a short time. If they are used continuously, they can cause the pump stopping."

Could I get more specific details about what being used continuously means? Would it be safe if I sent a serial command to poll the pressure every 1 second, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.?

The idea that the the motor supply completely shuts off for some time seems risky for the long-term use and something I cannot risk in our electronics setup. Could someone from Agilent give me more information about this and safe use cases if I wanted to poll the vacuum pump and eventually control it in regular timed intervals. Thank you.

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