TPS-mini RS-232 Communication and Motor Power

I was working on using the serial data to update a program on my computer that records the pressure on the pump within a testing setup. However, i noticed this note on the user manual that is of great concern :

"3. These commands remove the pump motor supply for a short time. If they are used continuously, they can cause the pump stopping."

Could I get more specific details about what being used continuously means? Would it be safe if I sent a serial command to poll the pressure every 1 second, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.?

The idea that the the motor supply completely shuts off for some time seems risky for the long-term use and something I cannot risk in our electronics setup. Could someone from Agilent give me more information about this and safe use cases if I wanted to poll the vacuum pump and eventually control it in regular timed intervals. Thank you.

  • Some serial commands are interrupt commands, and they do affect the normal process of the cpu program. The commands for the TPS are not interrupt commands, and it was an oversight to leave that note in the manual. Thank you for noticing our error, and we will ensure it is omitted in future manuals.

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