ChemStation ChemMain has stopped working

We just setup our Agilent 1100 HPLC system (bought from eBay) and connect the PC with ethernet cable. That PC has the ChemStation software pre-installed.  However, when we start the ChemStation the first time time, showed the attached error messages.   The IPCONFIG of the PC was also attached.  The IP address of the PC was pre-set as and don't know if it is correct of not.  Wish we can seek some good suggestions from you Slight smile

  • In folder called C:\Chem32\1\TEMP,  we found a file called HPCORELOG-OFFLINE.txt   Seems that is the log file of the application.  Inside this file, we found that message :  "Instr 1[2024-07-11 10:12:53.077]: TOP: entering application's message loop - DISP_MessageAll()"  and no next step.  How can I find the problem inside the DISP_MessageAll() ? 

    Checking the old logs from the seller in year 2016:   It can enter the next step -   TOP: in WMU_TOP_INIT.  

    Instr 1[2016-08-31 14:59:26.316]: TOP: entering application's message loop - DISP_MessageAll()
    Instr 1[2016-08-31 14:59:26.675]: TOP: in WMU_TOP_INIT
    Instr 1[2016-08-31 14:59:29.390]: ACQ: AcqSetNewAcqCpStatus: INITIALIZING
    Instr 1[2016-08-31 14:59:29.967]: ACQ: AcqMain WMU_ACQ_STA_RUNSTATE 40260 06C0CC78 502B8
    Instr 1[2016-08-31 14:59:29.967]: ACQ: AcqRunState: WMU_ACQ_STA_RUNSTATE0
    Instr 1[2016-08-31 14:59:29.967]: Dev State Change LEO 1: state 0, parm 4
    Instr 1[2016-08-31 14:59:29.967]: ACQ: AcqRunState: WMU_ACQ_STA_RUNSTATE0:ACQ_STA_RUNSTATE
    Instr 1[2016-08-31 14:59:29.967]: STANDBY

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