OpenLab is Running too slow or can not load properly


I have some questions to you.

Case #1

Many times I have faced a problem about loading of "online" application. At these time control boxes like als, pump, ct and detector does not appear on the screen.

We do not know how, but our IT found out that, when he changed the windows user with new one, online started working well.

Can you help us, why does new windows account work better rather than old one?

Case #2

We use OpenLAB CDS Version: C.01.08[210].

Several days ago our analyst have started a sequence, but after some hour hplc stopped injecting new samples, however, sequence was not stopped at all (start option was grey - disabled, stop option was active like when sequence is in running state, but other parts of the program was like while not in sequence run).

Nothing was in audit trail.

I checked Task manager, RAM was at 80-90% (4 GB), disk usage was changing sometimes up to 100%.

I wanted to create a screenshot to save problem and it took 3 min to open "Paint app" and save it.

Our IT team checked these parts of computer and found nothing.

Then we created new Windows account (like in case #1) and it was fixed a little, however, it is running slowly rather than other hplc programs.

Could you please say us exactly what causes program to get run too slow and sometimes not responding?


Alexander Tlashadze

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