The bottle fillings not updating (HPLC, Openlab 2.4)


The bottle fillings does not update on HPLC Infinity II (Openlab 2.4). It stays on the same values even though solvent is consumed. How to resolve this issue?


  • I will list a few common errors with this. If it isn't one of the common errors, you may need to get tech support involved to fix it because the software may not be working properly.

    Is solvent flowing properly? When you tell one line to be used at a certain rate, is that line going at the rate expected? If not, you may have lines mixed up or have them connected to a pump that isn't connected through the software.

    The volume change is calculated by how much volume is used, but this doesn't account for evaporation. Are you expecting it to account for evaporation?

    Are there any clogs in the line? If the pump is unable to push liquid through the system, it may not count it.

    If it isn't any of those, I suspect the software isn't working as it should. Try to shut down the instrument and application all the way and give it a few minutes before turning back on. If this doesn't resolve it, either the instrument or the software will need to be looked at by tech support as the installed software may not be correct.

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