OpenLab CDS Chemstation for GC C.01.05(35)

I have Open Lab CDS Chemstation Edition for GC systems and 7890A with FID. I get in vial concentration of an analyte in a sample from calibration curve as ppm.  Need to generate an Intelligent report, I get concentration in sample (with Sample weight, multiplier and dilution entered in the sequence table), I get only as % wt. in sample or ppm in vial. I need to get both in the report format.

How can I edit the formula? Or is there any way to get both in vial (ppm) and in sample (% w/w) in the same report. I tried Calibration , ESTD short, sequence summary report, etc. 

Thank You


  • Hello,

    So, you should be able to add another column to your report table and change the value to =Compound_Concentration * Sample_Amount / 100 to remove the sample amount and percentage. If you need to remove a multiplier or dilution you will need to use something like  =Val(Choose(1, Split(Sample_Multipliers, ";"))) where 1 is the number of the multiplier or dilution value in the calculation. 


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