What token do I need to enter in the "Data file" field on the sequence so that the LIMS ID generates as part of the filename?

I'm working with OpenLab CDS 2.2 and we're in the process of setting up our instruments to export reports as *.csv files for Sample Manager LIMS 12.3 to read and upload the results automatically. Is there a token that can be entered in the "Data file" field in the sequence to make the LIMS ID part of the filename?

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    LIMS ID is not available as a token for sample name, datafile name, or in CDS DA for report output. You can see the options in the screenshot below. It can be a value in the CSV file but not used in the name. The only other option would be to write a CSV file from the IR template report using embedded custom code or dll. 


    Sample or datafile name

    Report Name

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