Conditional Formatting Expression (OpenLab 2.7)

I'm using the following code to report RSD values for certain peaks and compare against a theshold value.  

For RTCheckArea, in the report I want the field to show in Green for Pass and Red for Fail, but I'm not able to come up with an expression which works:

  • It expects an expression that returns TRUE or FALSE. For this particular case, you could put "=RTCheckArea>=1000". The problem could be that the variable you are trying to call is not available. Are these variables defined in a ccf file linked to the data set? Also, I don't see "RTCheckArea" in your list. Do any of the ones that are listed work for any statement?

    I admit, I've never tried to call a ccf variable in Intelligent Reporter. The way I would do it is set up a report variable and use that. Let me know if you need any help

  • Hey ColeFunk,

    My mistake, I was referring to RSDCheckArea actually.  There is an entry for custom calculation results in the reporter, and I was trying to use that to say "if the custom field shows Pass, display the textbox in Green...if it shows Fail, display in red"

  • Hello,

    First since there are only 2 outcomes, I would change the font to green for the field or column. The you can use an expression like =CCR((Compound_CustomCalculationResults),"PFTest") = "Fail" where PFTest would be your custom calculation identifier in the conditional formatting to change the font to red. 


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