Snapshot Function in Open Lab 2.1


I was integrating a sequence and I just realize that one of the injections has a chromatogram time shorter than the others.

I have notice that the name of this injection is "RefA - snapshot-20240417 083217-2024-04-17 07-53-40+02-00-14.dx"

So I have a snapshot of this injection but not full chromatogram. 

How could I recover the full chromatogram? Why this happen?

Thank you

  • Hello,

    I would open a ticket with Agilent informatics support if your installation is client server based or your local Agilent support organization for workstation installation. They can typically help with issues like this where the data needs to be repaired. My guess would be the full data file is in the result set folder, but the manifest file is still pointing at the snapshot for that injection. Once you resolve this issue, I would also suggest upgrading the system to a later supported version like 2.7 or 2.8. Multiple changes over the versions have made to acquisition and result set creation much more resistant to issues like your current problem. 


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