Macro for Batch Export of CSV in OpenLab CDS C.01.10 to a unique archive.


Would anyone have a macro for OpenLab CDS C.01.10 that could export all “DAD1 A” signals to .CSV in the following format:

In a single spreadsheet showing the time (x-axis) in the first column and in the subsequent columns (B, C, D….) the Y-axis (“DAD1 A” signals) from each sample of that batch.

Something like this:

Is it possible to get a macro like this using a post-run Command / Macro?



  • Hi Lucas

    Something like this is possible with a suitable macro but you would probably need to write this yourself or find someone who has macro experience.

    On Disk 2 of the installation media, there are example macro files in the UCL folder, but none of them do exactly what you are looking for.


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