How to calculate peak area ratios directly in report?


There are a lot of discussion in this thread regarding calculation of the ratio of two peaks. But most of them are based on custom calculations. At the moment I also use CC for such calculations. 

1) I am using Agilent OpenLab CDS version 2.6 (build Number:

2) I made several injections of  system suitability solution using GC- Headspace injection (8890/8697)

3) In this SS solution I have 7 compounds, and one of them is internal standard (MIBC).

4) I need to calculate ratio of each compound area to the area of internal standad which is MIBC in every injection, and after this to calculate RSD of ratios.
5) using custom calculation editor and advices from this thread (special thanks to martin.adams) I made the following CC file which is linked to the method and calculates the required ratios.
6) But I also tried to do this calculation directly in a report without custom calculation.

By adding report parameter ISTD. The only disadvantage is that I need to introduce the area value for the MIBC manually for each chromatogram, since the area are different.

Are there any other options to do this calculation automaticaly in the report by changing value for the Column Area/Area MIBC. In the Expression Editor there is an operator Like. Is it possible to devide Area of any peak to the area of a compound wich has ITSD or MIBK in it's name?

Thank you in advance.

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  • Hello Marty,

    Thank you very much for your prompt and informative responce. I've viewed the video and immedeatly have made coressponding changes in my report template. 
    This is exaclty what I was looking for.
    Now, I can use one template for different samples. Instead of differrent names for different internal standards, I decided to name all internal standard as "standard intern" and the report template works as I expect.

    Thank you very much Marty,  you are the best!!

    Kind regards,

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