Chemstation: reanalyze without internal standard


I sometimes have samples where the internal standard is out or not there at all. From other instrument software, it is normally fairly easy to just reanalyze by area counts and not use the internal standard. The way I was shown in Chemstation is to change the method to not use an internal standard and then recalibrate the entire curve to look at that one sample. Then I have to undo all of that for the other samples. Is there an easier way?

Thank you!

  • Hello,

    You could save the result set method as a new name, change it to external standard, and then reprocess just the standards and samples without the IS. I guess my concern is when using an IS in your samples, how it can be missing, that would indicate to me an issue with the sample or preparation. If that is happening, you might want to look at the workflow to make sure the IS selected is appropriate for this method. 

    Marty Adams

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