Save Expression Result as a String?


In the openlab 2.4's report editor I've created a textbox with a Function() ... End Function stuff, the result is in String format. Is it possible to store it in a variable? It seems the Save Expression Result as function excepts only numeric results... or can it be anything?

Background: From any injection in the seq, it can extract a series of factors in str format something like this:

description: " Text Text abcdef Factors=1 1 1:0.1:1/0.3/0.3"  ->  Ripped&Converted part: "1:1:1:0.1:1:0.3:0.3"

and then there is an array of  compund_name(number), (where number is the rownumber of the component in the processmethod's identification list) and i want to split the factor string, then choose the compound_name(number) item from it. Will use for further calculation, without any CC columns in the seq list.



  • Hello,

    You cannot store anything but numeric values in variables and aggregators for IR. You could create your own public array in custom code or a dll where you can store and recall the values as needed. A customer wanted to be able to display in a report, all groups each named peak was a part of in the method. In the example below, I used custom code to store all the groups a peak was member of in an array, then concatenated and called them back later in the report. I used sample ID and compound name to key this array, in case I wanted to use it in a summary report. I would hide the top table in the final report. The clear array function is not needed in this case but if it was you would need to match the original array size (2,0). If you use a dll then more coding options would be available in VB.NET and C#. 

    Marty Adams

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