Converting file types or transfer of method into new Openlabs

last year we upgraded to Openlabs cds 2.7 from Chemstation but now need to review an acquisition method from 10 years ago. When looking at the file that we had it is a .M file type but OpenLabs uses .amx file type. I loaded the .M file type into Openlabs but it will not open. Any idea on how I can review this method from our old Chemstation?



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    What version of Chemstation was the method created in 10 years ago? We can import previous versions of the methods into DA or acquisition but the versions that can be imported area different. Also note the Chemstation methods were one object but in CDS we have the acquisition, data analysis, and sample prep methods as separate files. What information are you looking for from the older methods. 


  • Thank you for the quick responses. I am unsure of the version of Chemstation used (it was in the 1.X- when we upgraded the tech said there had  been about 14 updates since that version but I am unsure if he was exaggerating or not). I need to review the protocol from the old version since we have run samples that the researcher wants to compare with samples gathered from 2012 where the methods ran were different- I just don't know how different.they were and if we have to recreate the method and run the 2021 samples.

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    Depending on the CS version, if you look at the older Chemstation data, in the .d folder, for an injection you should see aqc.txt which is a text copy of the method used to acquire that injection. You might take a look at this if the CS is too old to import. 


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