Add system suitability table to the intelligent report in OpenLab EZChrom

Hello, I am migrating my reports from the standard report model to the intelligent report, and I encountered some difficulties.

The first one is related to the system suitability table present in the "method" tab. Is there a way to create a table in the intelligent report that adapts to what is defined in this menu?

Another difficulty I had was inserting the field with the data signature information; I simply couldn't find it.

Could you help me with these questions?

Currently, I use Agilent Openlab CDS (EZChrom Edition).

Thanks for any help!

  • Hello,

    What version of EZChrom are you using? I know the answer to the first question is no. You might be able to report that information as part of the method, but you will not be able to use the limits for any calculations. The second question I am not 100% sure about, but I think IR only has report objects for OpenLab CDS 2.x electronic signatures. I do not typically work with IR in EZChrom so someone else may have more information. 

    Marty Adams

  • This is the software version I am using:

    It's unfortunate that it's not possible to adapt the report to this table. It would be very beneficial because general users don't have access privileges to edit the report, and this would help a lot.

    Regarding the data signatures, the impression I got is that, in general, the IR was not designed for the version I am using. I encountered some other difficulties, such as adding configured information like sequence custom parameters to the body of the report.

    My main goal was to modify the report to facilitate integrations with the LIMS. Currently, I use the standard report, and its formatting is somewhat unpredictable for result sequences. Perhaps the best path is to update the version

  • Hello,

    I did check and IR in EZChrom will not support the electronic signatures in any version. You would need to move to OpenLab CDS for that to be an option in IR. 

    Marty Adams

  • Thank you very much for your help; I'm already evaluating the version upgrade.

    Lastly, could you tell me if it's possible to bring configured information from custom parameters to the IR? I haven't found how to do that either.

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