How to sum the timed groups using custom calculation in OL CDS 2.7

Hi Team,

I want to sum up the Area % of timed groups by using custom calculation in OL CDS 2.7. marked in red color. 

  • Hello,

    This is the same as the previous post, but you would change the names in the 2 filters to match the groups names. In the example the groups are Group A and Group B, those would need to be changed to your group names. If you need both calculations, then just add a second CC to the file. 

    Marty Adams

    (CurrentInjection.AllPeaksAndGroupsByName("Group A").Where(function(x) x.Signal.Signal_Name = CurrentSignal.Signal_Name).Select(function(x) x.Compound_Area).First + CurrentInjection.AllPeaksAndGroupsByName("Group B").Where(function(x) x.Signal.Signal_Name = CurrentSignal.Signal_Name).Select(function(x) x.Compound_Area).First) / CurrentSignal.GetDoubleCC("TotalArea")  * 100

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