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Hi , everyone

     I can't change admin password in this software, and when i typed "Ok", the program closed in every time i open, but any user can open software with its own ID and password. What i can do? ThankPrays alot 

  • Hello,

    Do you have another admin account for the system? I cannot tell from the screenshot, is that account built-in, from the local computer, or a domain account. If you are not sure you can find it under the system configuration, if any other users have access. 

    Marty Adams 

  • Unfortunately, The computer is Standalone system (Local computer) and actually i have 2 users for administrators (IT Admin) with the same privileges and full controls, but if i press "Ok" the program close and not give me even the password wrong for admin and as i told you the program close immediately and i not have a chance to see or control the administration window.

    NOTE: i have three HPLC system (standalone) Agilent ChemStation software with the same problem.

    NOTE: This week I have an important inspection from the Egyptian Drug Control Authority EDA, so I want a quick solution if possible.

                                                   THANKS ALOTPray tone1

  • Hello,

    So, you will want to open a ticket with your local support team. We do have a process to help reset internal passwords if needed, but it is not something I can do on the community site. That process is strictly controlled. You will need to fill out a request and send the local olss database file to your local support group so they can help. I will say the error message you are getting and the fact that it is not letting you change the password indicates to me you may be using your local computer authentication not internal users. If that is the case, then the password change is done at the OS not our software.

    Marty Adams

  • so, you suggest first to change the password for admin on my operating system then i can change password in software, or i send immediately the request and the local olss?

  • Hello,

    The windows local authentication is rarely used and was dropped by C.01.07, but I think for the version you have it was an option. If all the users, you use to log into OpenLab, are in the local windows user group it is possible you are using that type of authentication. If not, then it is internal users, and you will need to open a ticket. 

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