Change a sample name in a partial sequence?

I am looking to change a sample number for a partial sequence. I am going into the data files on the left, finding my partial sequence, changing the names and reprocessing. But when I bring in the files again I am still seeing the old numbers. Any guidance would be appreciated. I saw you can going into partial sequence and reprocess only what you want but the program isn't letting me access partial sequence because I need to change "Parts of the method to run..." to "reprocessing only". But when I go into sequence parameters I do not have that option. Thank you for any guidance.

  • Hello,

    I am not sure what exactly you are trying to do in this case. What version of Chemstation are you running? Are you trying to run a partial sequence or reprocess using partial sequence? When you say change the sample name that can be done using normal reprocessing for result sets. The difference would be using partial sequence in method/run control versus data analysis. A sequence will change to reprocess only once a result set is complete this happen automatically and cannot be done by the user except by using commands. You should not need to make that change manually except in some rare cased where the software did not fully complete the sequence.  

    Marty Adams

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