More decimal places for m/z Openlabs 2.7

When working with data on Openlabs 2.7 (chemstation integrator) I have made a table spectra table but want to have more then one decimal place for the m/z. I was told by someone who uses the software that it is not possible, which seems rather odd so wanted to check:

part two:

when I go to make a report I have made a column "peak ms base peak m/z) where i did find to add additional decimal places however, nothing shows up in that column after several tries:

thank- you for any help.

  • Hello,

    1) I am not absolutely sure about this, but I think for all the MS systems covered by CDS 2.x the centroid data is stored at that point mass resolution x.x. This may be different for LCMS profile data storage. Regardless of the stored value the tables and report dealing with m/z are in that x.x format and cannot be changed. 

    2) You will not see the base peak value in the reports unless you turn on base peak annotation or utilize MS purity. In the second example below, I turned off the annotations to show MS purity in the method also allow base peak calculations. 

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