Filtering by custom variable with unique key


A want to create a filter, that can retrieves parameters from sample_label. The parameter is the row numbers of the compound in the procmethod/compound table.  This number is not readable by default (thanks openlab :) ) so i have to create it for myself. There is a hidden compound table, with a column for rownumber(hiddentabe), the the values are stored in row(compound_name) indexed variable.

So...  I want a filter something like this: instr( injection_sample_label,row(compound_name)) > 0  where the label is like "1589" (should work less than 10 compounds) since this the part of my report is visible for only that 4 compounds.

But in the filter we can not use varables.... just in Code.DVL.GetValue("variable name") format. But what about the indexed ones?  Code.DVL.GetValue("row(compound_name)") does not work for me. Any solution? Always getting NAN result. 



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