Total sum of multiple peaks in openlab 2.6v

I'm wondering if there's a way to add a row at the end of the table calculating the total sum of the identified peaks. The problem I'm having is that the concentration column is customized as you can see in the picture I provided. The summary calculation tab in column properties is grey so I can not make any changes or add a row for total sum and I'm guessing that's because I added text to that column. Does anyone know a way to add a row to total the concentrations of the identified peaks?

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    Yes, you cannot use the column summaries when the value of the column can be a string. I would create a hidden column where the value is 0 when below LOQ. You can then store the column values as an aggregator and display the sum below the table. You can hide that column and continue to display the current column results. In my example below, the group repeats on signal name so I key the aggregator on signal name. In this manner, I can store a separate sum for each repetition of this group. I display the aggregator sum value in a field just below the table inside the same repeating group. 


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