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  • Hi expert team,

    Q1>Can anyone help me to find the solution please!

          Actually, when I do print with report style "Short" Ican see two "method summary" that I have in my report format. But when I do print with report style "Long with methods" I cannot see two method summary?

    Q2> Addition...

           I have added " Acq method compact" and "Data Analysis method compact" but in above is showing "Processing method parameters" however in view report is ok so can we change the name in document map?

  • Hello,

    That report has filters set on the sections to allow the report parameters to enable and disable parts of the report depending on your selection. I would guess you added your new objects to groups that have these filters. Any group or object can have a document map label associated with it. You will need to find the object with this label and change it. Please note for repeated objects is better to use a value that repeats with the object repetition. See the example below, where an object repeats on injection id and then the document map label is using the sample order and sample name. If that label was static text the same label would have repeated each time. 


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