How do I display two FID signals on one report?

Hello! I'm using Chemstation C.01.10. I have a dual injection setup for D5580, method A injecting on front channel and method B injecting on the back channel. I'm trying to generate/print a report using Classic Reporting that contains data from both channels, and then sums up the results if possible. I'm using a single method that contains both calibrations and is set up to save both signals. I currently end up with two separate data files, one for each channel, instead of one data file with two signals (.ch files) (due to the separate injections?). Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be changed? Do I need to use Intelligent Reporting? Thanks in advance!

  • I'm not sure how classic reporting works since I'm in a different software, but in intelligent reporter you can get it to do what you want by filtering. I would have to have more information on your specific scenario and what the data files look like to tell you exactly how you would filter, but I suspect the sample/injection numbers are the same so pulling areas with those scopes would likely be cross-signal. If the compound names are the exact same between signals, you can also include compound name as a scope. If not, you can do some funny business with pairing respective compounds in each signal and adding the areas. As for showing chromatograms from different signals, that's pretty easy by just filtering by signal name.

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