"content management not available" error in openlab 2.4

We use OPenlab 2.4 and occasionally we get an error "content management not available". This happens when port 80 is used by "system" instead of "tomcat". Anyone knows how to fix the error or what triggers it? we have to restart the PC multiple times until the tomcat service is using the port 80. We have multiple instances of openlab 2.4 affected by this issue. 

  • Hello,

    The 2 most common services that will use port 80 on system, PID 4, are BranchCache and world wide web publishing. Those services should be stopped and set to disabled if installed and running. There are some other 3rd party applications that will use port 80 but they should not use the system process. 

    You can run net stop http at an elevated command prompt to see other application using http on the system process. You cannot tell from this output which applications are using port 80. 

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