Using results form different Result Sets

I am performing a method validation on OpenLab CDS EZChrome Edition (Version A.04.08) and I have some difficulties regarding how to process data for Intermediate Precision.

I have two Precision Sample Set acquired in which my sample is quantified with an external standard. I managed to process and report each result individually just fine, but I also need to average the results from both Results Sets together.

What I tried to do so far is to create a new sample set using the data files from both results, but I only manage to get the raw data, without the results previously processed. Any ideas to help me out?

  • I'm on CDS so take my advice with a grain of salt. In intelligent reporter you can set this up manually by creating variables that store data with the Sequence_ID scope or injection_ID for more than one in each sequence. For example, if you are calculating average recovery out of the recoveries from each chemist (both have performed 3 injections), then you can store the percent recovery from each injection in the Injection_ID scope. Then once you are out of any filtered group you can use the internal average function on this variable and it will average all the % recoveries collected. If you just want it for specific samples, you will need some criteria to filter by that is consistent between the two different sequences, such as a sample custom parameter that you use to determine if it is an intermediate precision sample. 

    I should note that the report should be a cross-sequence report or it will be unable to pull in information from more than one sequence at a time.

    Just FYI, Intelligent reporter doesn't store any information regarding calculations done within reports. It will do the calculations and generate the report then all the variables and whatnot are deleted. So if you want to do any calculations in intelligent reporter that depend on other sequences, all the sequences must be pulled in and and all the calculations are done at once. The only exceptions to this are calculations that are saved before reporting, such as calibration curves, aggregate compound data for specific projects, and maybe custom calculations (unsure about this one). But in any case, all sequences need to be pulled into the report to access that data.

  • Hi, thanks for the answer. But the thing is there is no cross-sequence report available for EZChrom. At least not that I am awared of, that is why I'm trying to import data files already processed form both results in one single sequence/result, so I can bring everyone to the Intelligent Report template.

    Im gonna look up into it, and you answer gave me some ideis to try out. Any other suggestions are welcome 

  • Hm, yes that is problematic. Either all reports allow multiple sequences to be brought in or none of them do in that case. If it's the latter, I think you may be out of luck unless they have a feature that allows you to bring some information over from other sequences.

    But if you can, then I expect it will go very similarly to how I've described.

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