question from dummy - Chemstation - ESTD

Hello everyone, thank you for this support forum.

I am new to Agilent and Chemstation software and i need some tips.

I set the method and put values in calibration table.

After the sample rum the report shows me  Ret Time, Area, Amt/area and Amount %. If I have understood correctly:

Area is the sample Area

Amt/area is the calibration factor from calibration table (mass_standard / Area_standard)

Amount % is Area * Amt/Area

The EN standard that i have to use indicates that in order to calculate the result I have to make this calculation:

Result%= (sample_Area*F*100)/(sample_mass*4)

or simplifying

Result%= (sample_Area*F*25)/(sample_mass)

Now the question is: where to insert *25? in multiplier? 

And if I wanted the software to do the complete calculation where would I enter the sample mass? in the sample info before starting the analysis?

I tried with no result... please help!

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