Enable Xml Worklist and Results in Chem Station Rev. B.04.03 [16]


We're trying to setup a LIMS interface with GC 6890N with Chem Station Rev. B.04.03 [16].

We were able to enable 2 out of 4 GC's workstations with the Xml worklist import and results export by updating the CHEMSTATION.INI file in the Windows folder. For the other two workstation, it is not responding to the CHEMSTATION.INI file.

we've also tried placing he CHEMSTATION.ini file in the "1" directory under chem station folder hierarchy.

The Chem Station path is: 


I have the reviewed the information in the OpenLab-CDS_XML.pdf document; this is the reference that was used to enable XML output in the other two (chem) workstation.

Any suggestions on what the issue is and how we can resolve the issue?

Thank you, April

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