Is it possible to use multiple peak separation modes and set them as timed events for one chromatogram

I have a scenario where I would like to integrate all peaks using the valley-dropline mode, except for a single related substance that appears in the parent peak tail with which I am trying to integrate with the exponential skim mode. Unlike other integration parameters, it seems that integration "modes" do not appear in the list of timed events available for use in "Standard Integration Events Chemstation".


I have also tried to use the "Integration Optimizer Wizard" to create "Special Integration Regions" and choose exponential skim. However, when saving said special integration region, it seems to apply globally regardless (as per the below image where the global setting should be valley dropline + I selected exponential skim after opening the special integration region window).

Does anyone know if OpenLab is capable of applying more than one peak separation mode within a single chromatogram? Additionally, does the special integration region only cover integration parameters such as peak width etc and not allow for unique peak separation modes within said regions?

Any help/clarity would be greatly appreciated :)

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