Spectrum window during manual tune in CDS 2.7 does not show MSD signal

When I select Manual Tune and start acquiring data, the MSD signal does not show up in the profile window to the right, so I have no way of actually seeing the data that is being collected. I have my parameters set, the cal valve open, and click "Start acquiring data" but no signal shows up. Not sure what I'm missing here, but the online help & learning doesn't mention any additional steps, just that "Data is continuously acquired and displayed in the Spectrum window until you click Stop acquiring data."

  • When tuning information can be displayed in two places.  Depending on the action taken in the tunning portion of the software information can be in the graph in your screenshot or information can be in the Spectrum window.  I recommend any time one is observing a tune they open the Spectrum window from the windows section of the ribbon pain at the top right of the software.  The Spectrum window will open up docked but I find it useful to undock the Spectrum window by double clicking on Spectrum in the title of the window, then change the size of the window until I can easily see all the information being presented from both the tune window and the Spectrum window.

  • Perfect, that's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!

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