anchor option on openlab CDS


With masshunter, we can choose a specific MS signal and set it as anchor. 

Can we do it on openlab CDS? 

Like this example, I would love to set the TIC SCAN MS signal as an anchor. 

Thank you. 

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  • Hello Martin. 

    What do you mean about the active feature request? The next version of openlab CDS will have anchor option? 

    I also ask Agilent Canada to fix another problem on openlab CDS, even on the lastest version. 

    You may aldreay know that but when we use the dual SIM and SCAN mode with the MS, we can't have the option to change the scan speed. 

    Chemstation and Masshunter can do that. Those software allow 3 different scan speed when using dual mode scan et SIM. Do you know why openlab CDS can't ?

  • Hello,

    Someone else had requested that same feature in the past through a support channel or other mechanism and the request is in our internal systems. When I say it is active that means the request was not rejected for any design, data integrity, security, or other technical reasons, but remains under consideration for development in new versions. This does not mean it will ever be implemented in the software but the that it will be considered. I do not think it will be part of the next release. As for the other issue, I would assume this was done for a technical or design reason by the driver team, but I do not have any specifics on that choice. 


  • Thank you Again Martin. I have mentionned this dual SIM and SCAN situation to William Cody and he will see what He can do about that. 

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