1260- Modifying technician privileges for sequences- prevent editing of acq and proc method

Hi everyone, I have 2 1260 HPLC's. I have created sequences for technicians in my team to edit, but only want them to be able to change vial location and custom parameters. I have assigned the technicians 'technician' and 'Instrument user' role memberships. I have tried editing the privileges of the ‘technician’ role but the only options are to create and modify sequence or not be able to create and modify sequence. Is there any other way to allow a technician to modify certain parameters in the sequence and not others.  Thanks, Laura 

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    Yes, I would always suggest that users obtain access to roles either through groups or individually not in combination. Also, each user should only have 1 role assigned of each type, project, administrative, and instrument as needed. If you assign roles in multiple locations or multiple roles of the same type it becomes hard to control the users' permissions as roles are additive. You might take away a permission in one role, but they may get it from a different role they are also assigned. 


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