Peak Identification , Exporting Reports or Excel Files with Multiple Runs

I am currently working on GC calibration and data analysis, and I would greatly appreciate your answers on a couple of topics.

Peak Identification and Chromatography Integration:

I am aiming to perform peak identification and chromatography integration with respect to the calibration method while running the GC. I would like to better understand the steps involved in effectively identifying peaks and integrating them accurately.

Exporting Reports or Excel Files with Multiple Runs:

I often conduct multiple runs and need to generate comprehensive reports or Excel files containing integration values, PPM (parts per million), and area/PPM values for each detected gas. I would like to know the proper approach to exporting such reports with data from different sets of runs. Specifically, I am interested in organizing the data so that each gas's information is in separate columns for easy analysis.

  • Which software package are you using? If it is one of the newer OpenLab CDS versions, I would highly recommend using the intelligent reporter. There is probably a default report that will give you the raw data, but you can definitely make your own reports that spit out information for compounds separately if you don't find what you need with the defaults. From there, you can also export a report as an excel file for easy data transfer. Additionally, you can do all the calculations in Intelligent reporter, which will save you loads of time if this is something you'll be doing over and over. However, there's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to intelligent reporter so if this is something that you won't be doing over and over for months to years then I'd just stick to exporting the raw data into excel then transferring that data to an excel sheet that acts as a template for the data in this assay (using calculations that all trace back to areas and concentrations that you enter).

  • Hello, I am using the OpenLab CDS (EZChrom Edition), Version A.04.08 and there is no option like intelligent reporter. 

  • Ah, okay, I wish I could help, but I have no experience with EZChrom editions. However, I would be extremely surprised if they didn't have some way to easily export data, even if it isn't as comprehensive as intelligent reporter. My suggestion is to make an excel sheet template, then start looking around the documentation/software to see if there is an easy way to export your areas. Have you taken a look at the user manual? There are likely also some short videos on youtube or on agilent university for topics as simple as exporting data.

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    Please see the attached document on page 219 and following.

    There is a lot of information about the reporting engine of OpenLab EZChrom.

    For your current situation either an advanced report or the Intelligent Report (IR) would work.

    Please be aware that not all editions of OpenLab EZChrom such as VL or compact come with the IR engine.

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