Suggested instrument parameters for GC shutdown method

Hello! Our shutdown method that was saved, was over written with our regular acquisition method. What are the suggested instrument parameters for a GC shutdown method? We run an Agilent 6890N with Headspace sampler 7697A using OpenLabs CDS 2.7.

  • Hi  

    Before you write a new method, if you have audit trails enabled for methods, you could see what the method parameters were before they were overwritten.

    If you can find a datafile that was created using your shutdown method, you could find the acquisition setpoints (method) for that datafile in Data Analysis.


  • Thank you for the reply. We do not have the audit trail set up (not sure why) but I was able to find Sutdown.amx file before the date it was overwritten. I copied the old shutdown into my methods file on my C: drive but  I thought the shutdown had reduced temperatures, shortened time ( tech had it set for about two minutes run on the shutdown), and no ramps but the older one I am looking at still had ramp up etc. 

    Thank you for any input you can provide.


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