OpenLab CDS 2.7 does not work with 8 vial turret in ALS 7683 (G2613)

I am running an HP 6890 GC with two ALS, the front injector has a 8 vial turret. This can be addressed on ChemStation by issuing the vial number 101-108 for the 8 vials, in OpenLab CDS v 2.7, which I am evaluating for use, I am getting two types of error, either that the turret does not work with the tray (using vial # 1...) or that the vial ID is not recognized (using vial # 101...).While calling Agilent customer support, I was told that ALS is running soon out of support and that he had not worked with OpenLab..., suggesting this was not implemented. Neither of which is helpful.

Has anyone gotten the 8 vial turret to work under OpenLab, and if so, what vial number worked to have the ALS use a sample vial from the turret? Which version ALS was used, and was the 7683B / G2613 used?

Is this is a bug or an oversight? If the vial # addressing convention has changed why is this not documented/findable?

Obviously, not being able to use the 8 vial turret in OpenLab does not incline me to shell out $$$ for new / upgraded software.

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