Batch file recovery in Chemstation C.01.10

Dear Agilent,

When operate with previous revisions of GC Chemstation CDS (revisions before Chemstation C.01.10, for example CS C.01.07), we were able to do recovery of a sequence batch files saved with a wrong method by using the function "Partial Sequence" and reprocessing from the Sequence menu in the Method and Run Control view.

We can see the Partial Sequence function is now moved to the Data Analysis view for revision Chemstation C.01.10. However, we are unfortunately no more able to do recovery of the batch file using partial sequence and reprocessing functions, if batch file recovery is needed...

How are we supposed to do recovery of a batch file saved with a wrong method in Chemstation C.01.10?

Please add an to-do guide if possible.

Best regards,

Lars, Copenhagen


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