Is it possible to export Raw Data from OpenLab? (GC Agilent Tech 7890B)


I'm a undergraduate in a research group interested in making our own GC graphs in excel rather than exported from OpenLab itself; however, in order to do this we'd need to be able to get a value for the Signal per Unit of time. 

While running through training files for the software for OpenLab, I figured out how to export various information like area, retention time, height, etc... I wondered if there could be a way to export each data point per unit of time so we could make the chromatograms in Excel ourselves than have to use the chromatograms from the software itself. 

Would anyone happen to know of a way to do this with OpenLab? I am unaware how to see what OpenLab version I have currently.

If there's any further resources anyone knows about or if this isn't possible, please let me know. 

Thank you

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