Correcting the baseline with my solvent run for Openlab Chemstation Version C

Hi ,

i need some assistance. Im currently using Openlab Chemstation version C. I would like to check is there a way to Compensate the run with solvent run? I am running both Solvent only and another run which is the sample in that solvent. i want to know if i can correct the baseline to minus away the solvent peak and some minor peak that comes with the solvent

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  • Hi Andy,

    Thank you for this. i was able to try it out and it help subtract away the solvent peaks

    I am unable to set Integration on/off as the acetone stock solvent was possibly contaminated as multiple constant peak at a constant retention time was observed. We have rule out carry over from past sample as it does not appear when i test pure methanol  but appear when i test pure acetone. Using the integration off and on is not an option as some of the targeted peak appear where the contaminated peak was found. We have no other alternative while waiting for new order of acetone to arrive

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