How do i create a groups ÔpenLab CDS 2.5

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Well, I have a sample with 4 compounds, but only 3 always give 100%. The question is, how do I create 2 groups, where one group takes the 3 compounds (100% in total) and the other group is what other compound (value that gives).


Maria Silva

  • Hello,

    I am not sure I fully understand the question, but I will try and answer. In CDS you can create named and timed groups in the identification table by right clicking and adding the group. Named groups sum the area, height, amount and concentration of identified peaks for reporting. Timed groups allow summation of multiple peaks in the chromatogram to be treated as a single identified peak using a time range or ranges as the identification mechanism. You can search the help and learning for more information on the use of those groups. 

    Marty Adams

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