Starting sequence in OpenLab not turning on modules and shutdown method issue

Dear all

Firstly, as you may see in my previous posts, I am not an expert in OpenLab and have inherited an Agilent 1100 series stack with UV and ELSD running OpenLab v2.7 and have a small question I hope you can answer.

I did have the instrument set up to turn detectors to idle after 20 mins and then when running a sequence, it would turn the modules back on and the sequence would run. Easy! :-)

However, a colleague has been assisting with setting up a shutdown method and now, submission of a sequence or single sample does NOT turn modules that are off/standby on - the sequence just hangs perpetually

Now my questions are is this behavour where a sequence 'wakes-up' the modules normal/default or did I imagine it! If so, how can I toggle this back on?

Secondly, shutdown methods run but the method NEVER stops after the run-time. I'm confident the method is correct only it just hangs and we have to abort the sequence to stop it. Other colleagues with more experience believe it is the non-agilent ELSD 'miss-communication' that is causing this issue. Is this known and if so what can I do to make the shutdown method run and end? 

thank you all for your help


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