How can I export signals from different samples in a single excel file in ChemStation B.04.03?

Hi everyone,

I am using ChemStation B.04.03 and I would need a way to export signals of different samples coming from the same run in a single excel file. I am looking to obtain a table with x=time and y1= signal A, y2=signal B ... yn=signal n.

I tried many macros posted in this forum, but none of these solves the multiple files generation and when it comes to process 50 samples it is quite a long process to get all the signals in the same file. The closest result that I could get was the one obtained from the macro posted here (Macro for Batch Export of CSV in C.01.10 - Forum - Chromatography Software - Agilent Community), but again, a single file per sample is generated. 

If anyone knows a way to implement this macro or another solution to obtain such output, that would significantly reduce the amount of time spent on getting the data out. 

Me and my lab colleagues would immensely appreciate any kind of help we can get to speed up our work.

Thank you in advance! 

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