Slightly higher results from OpenLab than from Excel.

Hello, hoping someone can help me figure out why OpenLab is giving me slightly higher calculated results from an HPLC assay than I calculate using an Excel spreadsheet with the same peak areas, multipliers and dil factors.

I'm using a single-point linear calibration forced through the origin, with the RF definition of "amount per response" and the concentration calculation "amount*multipliers/dil factor". Six replicate injections of the standard gave a peak area RSD of 0.6%.

The "bias" is slight, 102% higher from OpenLab, but this is enough to be of concern as we have strict limits for acceptable results.


  • Hello,

    I would contact your local support group as you will likely need to share more details or the actual data, which we cannot do on the community. The issue can be with the exported areas, if you are not using enough precision, but it seems the error is higher in this case than that would explain. The other place I will commonly see problems is in the CDS calibration. I would make sure you are using the standard values correctly in the calibration. Make sure you have cleared older values and that you are using all the same standards as the excel sheet. It can help to determine this if you do not average the values by level. I will assume you are using CDS 2.x if so what version?

    Marty Adams

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